2025 Enrolled Agent 16-Hour CE Bundle

Learning Objectives:• Assess tax implications and strategies for retirement planning, incorporating changes from the SECURE Act and other legislative updates,...

Learning Objectives:
• Assess tax implications and strategies for retirement planning, incorporating changes from the SECURE Act and other legislative updates, to optimize retirement savings and income tax outcomes.
• Learn advanced techniques for preparing and submitting an Offer in Compromise application, including the necessary forms, documentation requirements, and strategies for presenting a compelling case to the IRS.
• Gain a thorough understanding of recent changes to federal tax laws for tax season 2025 and how they impact individual and business tax returns.
• Explore the impact of current tax laws and regulations, including recent reforms like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), on entity selection strategies. Understand changes in corporate tax rates, pass-through deductions, depreciation rules, and other relevant provisions affecting business entities.
• Apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios through real-world examples, illustrating how to handle complex issues such as depreciation, home office deductions, and vehicle expenses.
• Differentiate between Injured Spouse and Innocent Spouse relief provisions under the IRS rules.
• Analyze the ethical standards and responsibilities imposed on tax practitioners under Circular 230, including duties to clients and the IRS.

Our IRS-approved 16-hour tax course bundle serves as an excellent refresher for Enrolled Agents, fulfilling the annual requirement towards the mandatory 72 hours of Continuing Education (CE) over a three-year period.

This bundle includes 2 hours of Ethics and 14 hours of Continuing Education (CE) topics. Our 14-Hour CE topics includes:


Course included

Course name Duration Level Price
Tax Considerations In Retirement26 WeeksAll levels$45.00$36.00
Offer in Compromise: The Process26 WeeksAll levels$30.00$24.00
2025 Federal Tax Law Updates26 WeeksAll levels$45.00$36.00
Core Principles in Entity Selection26 WeeksAll levels$30.00$24.00
Self-Employment: Lesson into Schedule C26 WeeksAll levels$45.00$36.00
Innocence Preserved, Finances Restored: Guide to Injured Spouse vs Innocent Spouse26 WeeksAll levels$15.00$12.00


The SECURE 2.0 Act added exceptions to the 10% early withdrawals to be repaid within three years to an eligible retirement plan.

  • Up to $22,000 for expenses related to a federally declared disaster if the distribution is made within 180 days of the disaster occuring.
  • One distribution per calendar year of up to $1, 000 for personal or family emergency expenses to meet unforeseeable or immediate financial needs.
  • The lesser of $10, 000 of 50% of the account value for an account holder who certifies that he or she has been the victim of domestic abuse.