Your Brand, Our Expertise

Full White-Label Tax Academy Designed With You in Mind.

Interested In Discovering New Ways to Boost Your Revenue Year- Round?

Tax Pros, Service Bureaus and Accountants launch your very own IRS-approved continuing education tax courses in English, Spanish, and French on a custom branded website. No need to develop your own content—our ready-to-implement system allows you to swiftly establish your tax academy.

White-label PowerPoints are a thing of the past. Participating in tax courses that do not offer continuing education credits is an unproductive use of time and resources.

TIQA offers co-branded tax course websites, enhancing your brand presence and credibility while increasing your passive income year-round. We provide the comprehensive support, certificates of completion, and CE credit reporting to the IRS, ensuring a seamless experience. Your custom website, complete with your desired course pricing, logo and contact information, will offer a full eCommerce experience focused on tax training.


Enhanced Branding

Enhance your brand identity by offering tri-lingual tax courses under your own label, boosting your brand recognition, expanding market reach, and fostering audience loyalty.

Increased Revenue Streams

By offering TIQA tax courses under your own brand, you can unlock new revenue streams, retaining 100% of course sales while delivering valuable educational content to your audience.

Industry Expertise

Benefit from courses covering detailed Form 1040 guidance, clickable tax forms to corporate tax strategies. Users stay current with up-to-date tax law updates choosing from Beginner to Advanced courses, all crafted by industry experts.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to secure substantial passive income! In 2023, the IRS reported 78,000 Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) participants and 65,000 Enrolled Agents (EAs). Imagine reaching just a small fraction of this market. Act now and capitalize on this potential before all available sites are gone!


  • Set Your Own course prices 
  • Onboarding and customer service manager 
  • 1 Gradebook Admin account 
  • You keep 100% of sold courses  
  • Courses, CE credits and Certificates of Completion managed by TIQA 
  • Low monthly website maintenance fee 
  • Customer trouble ticket support by TIQA 

Full White-Label Tax Academy for only $2,257.97

Yearly Renewal $1,599.99

Low monthly website maintenance fee $24.95/ month

Website Design Option A

Website Design Option B


Faster Time-to-Market

By leveraging pre-existing TIQA tax courses, you can expedite the launch of your educational offerings without investing significant time and resources in course development.


White-labeling TIQA tax courses allows you to scale your educational offerings quickly and efficiently to meet the growing demand from your audience.

Trusted Content

Offer high-quality tax courses that are trusted and recognized within the industry, enhancing your reputation as a reliable source of valuable information.

Competitive Advantage

Stand out from competitors by providing premium tax education courses under your brand via an actual website, offering unique value to your audience.

Customer Retention

Keep your audience engaged and satisfied by offering valuable educational resources that help them improve their tax knowledge and skills.

Simplified Operations

White-labeling TIQA tax courses streamlines your operations by outsourcing course development, maintenance, and support to experts, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Getting Started Is Simple

Step 1: Complete payment and sign agreement
Step 2: Submit info sheet along
with your brand kit and logo
Step 3: Submit your desired course pricing
Step 4: Allow 7-10 business working days for site completion
Step 5: Schedule Onboarding Session
Step 6: Sell courses via your new site


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  • Up to $22,000 for expenses related to a federally declared disaster if the distribution is made within 180 days of the disaster occuring.
  • One distribution per calendar year of up to $1, 000 for personal or family emergency expenses to meet unforeseeable or immediate financial needs.
  • The lesser of $10, 000 of 50% of the account value for an account holder who certifies that he or she has been the victim of domestic abuse.