2025 AFSP 18-Hour CE Bundle- Personal Income Tax Return w/ AFTR

Learning Objectives: Master the common and uncommon tax credits, including the Credit for the Elderly or The Disabled, Earned Income...

Learning Objectives:

  • Master the common and uncommon tax credits, including the Credit for the Elderly or The Disabled, Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, to effectively reduce clients’ tax liabilities and navigate IRS compliance requirements.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in applying Circular 230 guidelines to resolve ethical dilemmas in tax practice, ensuring compliance and maintaining client trust.
  • Analyze recent legislative changes and IRS updates, such as the SECURE Act 2.0 and inflation adjustments, to advise clients on optimal tax strategies and ensure accurate tax return preparation.
  • Master the eligibility criteria, calculation methods, and phase-out rules for education benefits. Maximize benefits for education tax credits and deductions to optimize tax savings for individuals and families.
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge of the Annual Federal Tax Refresher, including recent tax law updates and ethical considerations, to maintain IRS compliance and enhance tax preparation proficiency.
  • Assess tax implications and strategies for retirement planning, incorporating changes from the SECURE Act and other legislative updates, to optimize retirement savings and income tax outcomes.

Our 18-hour AFSP tax course bundle contains 2 hours of ethics, 6-hour AFTR and 10 hours of federal tax law topics. Our 10-Hour federal tax law topics includes:


Course included

Course name Duration Level Price
1040 Tax Credit Blueprint26 WeeksAll levels$30.00$24.00
⁠Scholar’s Advantage: Mastering Education Tax Benefits26 WeeksAll levels$45.00$36.00
2025 Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR)26 WeeksAll levels$63.99$47.99
Tax Considerations In Retirement26 WeeksAll levels$45.00$36.00
2025 Federal Tax Law Updates26 WeeksAll levels$45.00$36.00
Ethical Standards in Tax Practice26 WeeksAll levels$30.00$24.00


The SECURE 2.0 Act added exceptions to the 10% early withdrawals to be repaid within three years to an eligible retirement plan.

  • Up to $22,000 for expenses related to a federally declared disaster if the distribution is made within 180 days of the disaster occuring.
  • One distribution per calendar year of up to $1, 000 for personal or family emergency expenses to meet unforeseeable or immediate financial needs.
  • The lesser of $10, 000 of 50% of the account value for an account holder who certifies that he or she has been the victim of domestic abuse.